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06 Jun 2015
How To Install A Lift Kit

Just about the most important modifications that can be done to a Jeep Cherokee when we want to start performing some off-road adventures is to lift the suspension. The simplest way to do that is to use a Jeep lift kit for your suspension that comes with everything you need to take their Cherokee from your street to the wild.

You will need to understand that installing a Jeep lift kit is fairly easy for someone who knows what they are doing; it may be rather challenging for a newbie. People who are a novice to installing Jeep modifications should make sure they have a slightly older mechanic around to help. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install one of these Jeep lift kits.
Leveling Lift Kit

The initial step in the process is the eliminate the coil springs from your front of the vehicle. This is achieved by removing the small curved clip that is certainly on the spring pads. Then move the bolts that contain the lower and upper control arms on the axel. Then disconnect the bottom of the shock to offer axle a little more room to go.

After the coil springs happen to be removed the new front coil springs will have to be put into place with all the factory spring retainers (if they fit the new springs). Then the bolts will need to be reinstalled around the upper and lower control arms. The shock must also be reattached to the lower mount also. It is a good idea to show the steering wheel from side-to-side once it's been done in order to check the clearance amount of the tires. It is suggested that a front wheel alignment is performed after installing the Jeep lift kit.

When the front end has been proven in reality it is time to move to the rear of the Jeep Cherokee. The first step in this process is to remove the rear leaf springs. These springs are held towards the axel by four different bolts, two of these bolts must be removed from either end.

As soon as the bolts have been removed the new rear leaf springs could be installed for the Jeep lift kit. These will probably be placed into the same place that this other ones were, but they will be curved differently compared to the factory installed ones so that it may take a little effort to acquire them into place. Once they are in place the Cherokee may be lowered.

The new Jeep lift kit might cause the factory installed brake lines to become too short, so it is important to make sure they are still properly connected. When the brake lines are improperly connected new ones should be installed to are the cause of the added height.

When the Jeep lift kit has become installed and all the hoses, lines, and also other wiring is secure it's about time to head out in the wilderness to test out the new kit. Everybody is surprised home a good deal of difference there is with even an inch or two more height. Additionally it is important to understand that the lift kit can make the Jeep Cherokee just a little looser on the highway and it will take a little while to get used to how it handles.


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